The 3 Sides of Leadership

If leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less, then all leadership originates in the Sovereign Will of God. The prophet Daniel tells us that God “deposes kings and raises up others” (Daniel 2:21). God raises leaders up (gives them influence) and brings them down (takes away their influence). Therefore God is always at the top of the diagram on Leadership.


However, there are 3 sides to this thing we call “leadership”. The chart below shows each side.



Side 1: The Gift of Leadership – These are people who have been given a “special gift” of leading. People naturally follow them.


Side 2: The Office of Leadership – This is when God places someone in a position of leadership whether they are “natural” leaders or not.


Side 3: The Skill of Leadership – This comes in 2 forms: “Being” and “Doing”. You learn about “being” a leader on the inside. Things like character development and spiritual disciplines apply here. You can also learn the skill of “doing” leadership. Issues of vision accomplishment, objectives, strategy, programming and planning apply here.


Everyone, whether they are “naturally” gifted or not, can grow in the leadership skill. Leaders are both born and made.

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