We help churches become healthy, relevant & vision-driven

Are people excited to go to your church? They could be. But it has to start at the top. Church Vision Consulting has a proven track record and the resources necessary to help small to medium-sized churches grow into healthy, thriving congregations.

Your pastors and board will work closely with Church Vision Consulting to create a custom plan necessary to build a dynamic church people want to attend. You will also have access to our exceptional personnel who can help you become experts in different ministries.

Church Vision Consulting objectively assesses your organization, personnel, facility, ministry programming (and more!) to give you a plan for success. Church growth will only succeed if your vision and resources align.

We offer a consulting package with monthly payment options to make it affordable.  

Be excited about your church again. Hear your congregation proudly say, “That’s my church!”

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Proven Results and Experience


Consulting by Dr. Dennis Episcopo

Our co-founder and principal consultant, Dr. Dennis Episcopo, has pastored small, medium and large churches. He understand how each struggles, and how to ensure boards and pastors work together to see and sustain church growth.

How can you know your church is healthy? Get a Church Checkup

Basic Church Check-up

Your Church Checkup Will Include:

  • Interview with senior pastor
  • Consultation with Board
  • Attend worship service(s)
  • Deliverable report on the health of 10 vitals
  1. Senior leader
  2. Governing board
  3. Finances
  4. Facility
  5. Programming
  6. Congregation makeup
  7. Staff
  8. Culture
  9. Community
  10. Potential


“The experience we gleaned from Dennis’s church coaching was invaluable! He guided us through a process that brought our church from stumbling around in the dark to a laser focused action plan. I appreciated his ability to discern that each church does not look the same or walk the same path.”

– Pastor Randy Skaja, Crosswalk Church

“Dennis’s wisdom helped navigate our church through a difficult transition. His encouragement gave me the perspective & courage needed to follow through. I’m pretty sure that I would have never made it without his guidance.”

– R. Mark Harris, Senior Pastor, First Alliance Church – Erie

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
Proverbs 29:18

Your All-Inclusive Church Assessment for Long-Term Church Health:

18 Months! That’s how long, on average, it takes to develop a strategic plan and move the right people in position. Then it takes another 2-3 years to move a stagnant church to growth. The all-inclusive church package includes: 

  • Full Church Assessment
  • Ministry programming development
  • Congregational Survey Assessment
  • 3 Year Strategic Plan
  • Personal Coaching of Senior Leadership & Ministry Leaders

Additional Services Available:

  • Capital Campaign consultation
  • Policy Governance
  • Pastoral and Staff searches